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Study: Decision-making & Procurement of Online Services in English Schools since COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools to quickly evaluate, invest in and adopt a variety of new online services (such as learning apps, remote learning platforms, learning content libraries, safeguarding software, etc) in order to continue delivering effective teaching, learning and other essential services to pupils and families.

MyEd is conducting a survey to look at the decision-making, buying and introduction of online services in all types of English primary and secondary schools, and whether the past year has changed the way in which schools find out about new online services, consider their potential, make decisions, procure and introduce them.

The results will help suppliers of online services to align their approaches to schools' decision-making needs and purchasing timetables, making the procurement of new services more efficient and effective for everyone involved. They will also allow suppliers to understand how best to support the successful adoption of online services within schools.

Participate in the survey

If you are part of the procurement team in a primary or secondary school in England, you are invited to share your thoughts and views in this survey.

The survey is anonymous (no personal or identifying data is collected) and should take 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your help.

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